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Some of the cutest moments in life are seeing your child grow up right before your eyes. With the popularity of Kindergarten Graduations and Pre-K Graduations, it’s important to keep a wonderful memory. Rather than handmade graduation items a soft touch cap and gown would make this moment last forever. These shiny cap and gown packages provide the right child size for all to fit comfortably while still breathable for some of those warmer days. We offer a wide range of kindergarten and pre-k apparel colors ins stock to fit the exact look you’re looking for. We can customize the gowns too! And don’t forget the more quantity you order, the less you pay. Perfect for the whole graduating class order.

Looking for more than just a cap and gown? You’ve come to the right place. We offer all the accessories available for your special day and here is a short list of the items we offer:


  • Academic Hoods
  • Single Tassels, Jumbo Tassels, Variegated Tassels, 2 Color Tassels
  • Gold Signet Date Drops, Silver Signet Date Drops, Black Signet Date Drops
  • Single Cords, Double Cords, 2 Color Cords, 3 Color Cords, Custom Cords
  • Diploma Covers, Imprinted Diploma Covers, Custom Diploma Covers
  • Traditional Stoles, V-Stoles Stoles, Custom Stoles, Collars
  • Kinder Medals, Pre-K Medals

Still haven’t found the right items you’re looking for? CALL US. We’d be happy to make any custom graduation accessory you need. We look forward to hearing from you. Congratulations Little Grads!!!