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College and University: Masters

Offering some of the finest Masters gowns available you can choose the. These traditional masters apparel coffer high quality 100% polyester material, professional fluting, padded yoke, and so much more. The quality and craftsmanship of these gowns are the best for your accomplished moment in life. Choose from the Masters packages which include a high-quality cap, gown, and tassel or order custom on off items. Need a particular color? We offer Classic and Deluxe black gowns in stock or customize your gown with different colors, design and embroidery. No order is too small but if you order more we offer Tiered Pricing. Works best for any small school, organization, or group looking for the right gradation apparel for the important day

Looking for more than just a masters cap and gown? You’ve come to the right place. We offer all the accessories available for your special day and here is a short list of the items we offer:


  • Custom Master Hoods
  • Single Tassels, Jumbo Tassels, Variegated Tassels, 2 Color Tassels
  • Gold Signet Date Drops, Silver Signet Date Drops, Black Signet Date Drops
  • Single Cords, Double Cords, 2 Color Cords, 3 Color Cords, Custom Cords
  • Diploma Covers, Imprinted Diploma Covers, Custom Diploma Covers
  • Traditional Stoles, V-Stoles Stoles, Custom Stoles, Collars
  • Medals, Cum Laude Medals, Summa Cum Laude Medals, Magna Cum Laude Medals, Custom Medals
  • Graduation Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Rode Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Black Jewelry
  • Spirit Wear, 2018 Hoodies, 2018 Joggers, 2018 Senior T-Shirts, 2018 Leggings

Still haven’t found the masters graduation items you’re looking for? CALL US. We’d be happy to make any custom graduation accessory you need. We look forward to hearing from you. Congratulations Grads!!!