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Do not mistake it, middle school and elementary graduations are just as important as high school. It commemorates the passing from one part of grade school to the next and reminds us of moving into the next stage in your life. Because these moments are just as important, there is no question the quality of caps, gowns and accessories are inferior to any other graduating class. We stand by our quality and craftsmanship of our graduation apparel which we offer to every graduation class. We offer a wide range of color and fabric options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. Not to mention the custom regalia options available for all graduating members. Need a particular color? We will make them for you and still offer the tiered pricing you deserve. Just remember the more of the same item you purchase, the more you save. Perfect for any school, organization, or group looking for the right gradation apparel for the big day.

Looking for more than just a cap and gown? We offer all the accessories available for your special day and here is a short list of the items we offer:


  • Single Tassels, Jumbo Tassels, Variegated Tassels, 2 Color Tassels
  • Gold Signet Date Drops, Silver Signet Date Drops, Black Signet Date Drops
  • Single Cords, Double Cords, 2 Color Cords, 3 Color Cords, Custom Cords
  • Diploma Covers, Imprinted Diploma Covers, Custom Diploma Covers
  • Traditional Stoles, V-Stoles Stoles, Custom Stoles, Collars
  • Medals, Cum Laude Medals, Summa Cum Laude Medals, Magna Cum Laude Medals, Custom Medals
  • Graduation Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Rode Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Black Jewelry
  • Spirit Wear, Hoodies, Joggers, T-Shirts, School Rings

Still haven’t found the items you’re looking for? CALL US. We’d be happy to make any custom graduation accessory you need. We look forward to hearing from you.